Web Test

The most practical book test ever

You hand the spectator a computer printout from the web site of the Rhine Institute. It contains records for hundreds of people the institute tested for ESP. The spectator just thinks of a name from the list. You read their mind and tell them the name. It’s that direct. It’s that easy. It’s that strong.

• Packs small: 7 sheets of paper stapled together
• Plays big: direct, devastating mindreading
• Works in formal shows, walkaround, casual settings
• Easy to learn, easy to perform
• Lasts forever—print as many as you need
• Completely self-contained
• Built-in presentation, customized with your name

An impressive telepathic demonstration that fits in your pocket.
—Max Maven

A great piece for almost everyone.
—Paul Green

Only $25 Click "Buy Now" to send $25 by paypal. I will email you complete instructions and a pdf of Web Test that has been customized to include your name as part of the presentation, and you can print as many as you need, forever. Indicate the last name you would like me to use—either your own or a performing name, or the name of a friend if this is a gift—in the text box below.
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I try to fulfill all orders within 24 hours, but because I have to customize each one, please allow 48 hours before following up.